Eminem has an illustrious history of rap battles, but his controversial insults can infuriate delicate listeners.

In latest months, a TikTok campaign known as for Em to be “canceled”  for glorifying violence from women in his single “Love the Way You Lie.”

Inevitably, Marshall Mathers fired back with a diss track using intention at his critics. But he could absolutely find some more deserving adversaries than TikTok teens.

A new AI songs online video gives the rapper a more progressive focus on for his ire: the patriarchy.

The track was established by Calamity Ai, the very same group who used bots to develop a new music for Hamilton and a previous Eminem diss of Mark Zuckerberg.

The crew penned their newest lyrics using ShortlyAI, a text-generator run by OpenAI’s GPT-3.

They prompted the technique to spit out a verse primarily based on the following cue:

Eminem’s new song is a diss in opposition to the patriarchy. He is using a stand to males and sticking up for ladies. Verse #1:

They then despatched the lyrics to 30HZ, a self-professed creator of “synthetic parody songs and other inadequately published material.” The producer synthesized the audio and converted the text into vocals.

And just in scenario Trim Shady essential again-up, the crew created a visitor verse by yet another unlikely defender of women’s legal rights: Kanye West.


I’m pretty impressed by Em’s artificial voice, whilst the lyrics are strike and overlook at best.

He reserves most of his vitriol for producer Rick Rubin, a shocking preference provided the litany of musicians accused of sexual abuse.

Still, Em comes throughout as refreshingly contrite when he discusses “the effects when I spit poetry,” which he claims are well worth the risk if he “silences some men.”

Kanye West’s artificial voice is a lot less convincing, and his verse isn’t going to get any lyrical awards. He does present an apology to Taylor West, but begins it with a generally sexist, “Yeah, bitch.”

The observe will barely shake up the patriarchy, even though the lyrics are still sharper than, say, Lil Pump’s.

But could the AI Eminem win a rap struggle against its human counterpart? I question it, but the showdown could help make Marshall relevant once more.

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Released March 17, 2021 — 18:49 UTC