What a Tourist May Do in Abuja?

With its charming settings, impressive scenery and contemporary architectures and gleaming shopping malls, the tourists have lots of reasons to plan a trip to Abuja and book cheap flights to Abuja. The latest Nigerian capital is one of the world’s purpose-built cities which are at average up to the international standard. A well managed road network makes it flexible and easier for the international tourists of flights to Abuja to go on an entertaining tour or an expedition in Abuja. The offbeat city of Abuja also provides scope for shopping and various other amusements. The undulating scenery at the suburbs tempts the adventurers and enthusiasts with reach for fun lovers and numerous risky.

1. Excursions in Abuja
The tourists will find lots of opportunities of leisure and gaming in Abuja city. Plan some vigorous and sports activities like trekking at Aso Rock. The lime meadows summon the international gamer tourists of to go for climbing. An outing at the Gurara falls is a definite for all types of tourists. Enjoy the awesome natural scenes and spot various African wildlife at the Julie Useni Park.

2. Sightseeing in Abuja
Abuja is a captivating city to explore and sightseeing. A wide range of public transportation like taxis, buses, car hire, coaches are available on quite regular basis. So, the travelers of flights to Abuja will find no difficulty in traveling around the city. But hiking tours are the most effective approach to explore the city, the city’s lifestyle and civilization. Head to the Abuja Millennium Park; the extension of the park is in steps forward. This is one of the most attractive tourists’ sightseeing of the Abuja city. flights to Abuja Stopover at the city’s milestone, the Ecumenical Center and the National Assembly Comple. Also pay a visit to the National Mosque. The FTC Council for Art and Culture Museum is a must visit for its precious compilation of historical art pieces from all over Africa.

3. Shopping in Abuja
Shopping is one of the most enjoyable activities in the Abuja. Shopping in the plentiful shopping malls and supermarkets of the city can be a recreation and fun. From fashionable clothes to electronic devices, the shops offer every thing to buy. With a wide range of local and international products and diverse price ranges Abuja shopping centers are like a magnet for the tourists of Abuja flights. Silverbird Galleria, Downtown Mall and Ceddi Plaza are some of the famous shopping destinations of Abuja

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